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Bathroom Remodeling Contractor NC

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Have you ever wanted your own spa-like space right in your very home? With us, it’s possible to have your area of tranquility and peace right next to your bedroom! We will help you transform a simple bathroom to become a space with a functional yet relaxing atmosphere. You’ll have a luxury bathroom with our services at BlueOak Custom Homes.

Turning any spare room or living space of your house into a fresh, serene oasis will make the property value of your house skyrocket. We have very skilled contractors who are ready to renovate and remodel your bathrooms by adding fixtures, tubs, showers, sinks, or by changing up the countertops, vanities, cabinets, and flooring.

We are very collaborative in our process as well. We love to discuss your design ideas and vision so that we can help you refine it into a concrete plan for remodeling. Our service allows you to go through any home remodeling process without hassle. We will even adjust to any budget you provide to us, regardless of how large the project may be. Our honesty and transparency are also among our key values as a company, so don’t wait to contact us and begin your consultation! We can already provide a free initial estimate or your project to come.

Creating the Atmosphere

We Go Above and Beyond

It may seem like an overwhelming task, but we have a top tier design team that can help you clear up the worries of remodeling your bathroom. You can choose from many styles, textures, and materials to complement your dream bathroom. Some styles and genres to try are:

  • European

  • Traditional

  • Beach

  • Nautical

  • Modern

  • Contemporary

  • Tuscan

  • Transitional

  • French Country

  • Victorian

  • Mission

  • Rustic

  • Country

  • Mediterranean

  • Eclectic


Reviewing these styles can help when putting together a design for your new custom bathroom.

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A style comes with different parts and elements to put it together. Our company can handle any of these, including tiling, concrete, and even installation, plumbing, and electrical needs. We can even help you with modern amenities and energy-saving facilities. You may choose from our huge range of faucets, bathtubs, and showerhead models. The right combination of these will build your perfect bathroom.

Bring in the Lighting, Flooring, Fixtures, and Cabinets!



Maximize your cabinets by finding the right size for its storage and the right material for its aesthetic! We offer many trusted brands like Bertch, Merrillat, Aristokraft, and Kraftsmaid. The cabinet installation will be left completely up to us. We focus on both functionality and style.



We have every size, shape, and color of bathtubs, as well a huge variety of types such as jet, claw-foot, deep, shallow, or walk-in. You can also choose from plenty of materials, including steel, cast iron, fiberglass, marble, or acrylic. We will, of course, do all the needed installations.


Countertops and Sinks

Countertops and Sinks can seem like a basic element, but they can be as glamorous as you want them to be! We have countertop materials such as stone, laminate, tie, cement, granite, quartz, or even just classic marble. While some need sealants to maintain durability, leave that to us. It’s important to find the correct material within your budget, and we can help you there. Sinks also go from copper to glass, to stainless steel to cast-iron or even simple wood. There are also sink types such as vessel, wall-mounted, under-mounted, or drop-in designs.


We can give you anything from trendy large walk-in showers to corner showers that save plenty of space. You can also choose from different configurations such as pivot doors or barrier-free showers. The door can also be personalized to you, from frameless to pivot to steam or sliding doors.


We have plenty of flooring options that will give you both great style and great longevity with your home. We have waterproof options that will last through climate and weather. They also have great variations in design, color, and texture that can maximize space and make the room feel even airier. We have selections of ceramic, sealed wood, vinyl, slate, simple tile, and natural stone.

Beige Travertine Glass Shower and
Modern Bathroom Glass Shower Pedestal Tu
Bathroom Remodel Custom Traditional Cabi

Hardware and Lighting Can Make All the Difference


Hardware and Faucets

Small things like upgrading your worn fixtures can make all the difference when remodeling a bathroom! Seeing those shiny new faucets will give you a luxurious vibe when you enter your new space. Those metallic showerheads and faucets are like the cherry on top when it comes to the bathroom. There are plenty of shapes to choose from. We also have a huge selection of finishes, such as gold-plated, brass, chrome, copper, nickel, bronze, satin, stainless steel, or simply matte finishes. We also carry trusted brands of fixtures, among which are Moen, Delta, Kohler, American Standard, and Pfizer.


A bathroom doesn’t look its best unless it is matched with the right lighting. Lighting can alter the bathroom’s mood and tone through how it reflects off your metal fixtures or how it bounces off the tiles and flooring. Lighting can add the ambiance you need to turn your bathroom to your serene living space for relaxation. We have everything from incandescent bulbs to bulbs with varying brightness. Of course, we will handle all electrical needs that need to go with it.


In this day and age, we need our best-feeling bathroom not just for utilities and functions, but also for our relaxation needs. You may be living alone or with a family, and either case could use a bathroom that fits your style and lifestyle. A good bathroom will help you wind down and feel completely at home after your day job. So you can trust us to deliver that atmosphere and environment for your custom bathroom. Our contractors and design team are experienced in making our clients feel at home and in control of the remodeling -- after all, it’s your home! Let's talk today!



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