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Landscaping & Excavation NC

Heavy excavation equipment working on excavation project

If you have a construction plan in the pipeline or are in the process of designing a project that requires land preparation or finishing, including grading of sites and preparing them for building developments, you’ve come to the right place. We have the experience and expertise to take care of all your landscaping and excavation needs.


Whether for your home or business, constructing physical structures on any location typically requires excavation procedures to start the project. This process involves more than just collecting dirt and transporting it to another place so the existing site will be ready for new development. It can be an extensive process that requires planning and expertise in the operation of heavy equipment and execution of the location grading and the actual excavation steps. Being able to get a site ready for a long construction period is crucial in making sure that the development will turn out excellently and will be completed on time. 

Affordability - Most development projects require a decent-sized capital investment, and whichever aspect of the construction where the budget may be adjusted is necessary so as not to overspend. Though site excavation is essential, it is an area where affordability will be critical. We can customize our offerings to fit your budget.

Efficiency - We take a systematic approach to every project. Our timetable is planned from the start where we prioritize each aspect to ensure we stay on schedule and budget. These plans are set and targeted to fulfill and take into consideration the labor and materials involved. Efficiency is a cornerstone of our business.

Quality Service

We Go Above and Beyond

Ultimately, our goal is 100% satisfaction for our customers. We offer free estimates of work that must be done on a specific location and customize each proposal depending on your vision and project scope. We are in constant communication with our clients to make sure that we are always on the same page in all aspects of your excavation and/or landscaping job. This also helps to keep you in the loop on the costs involved as well as the schedule of completion.

Most construction plans require meticulous planning for optimum results. That is why we firmly believe it is in our clients' best interest to leave the excavation aspects in our hands to prepare the land for any project you have in mind. This way, you get to focus on your development project while your property is being graded and readied for your structure.

Aerial view of home property new landscaping design
Stone masonry landscape retaining wall with bushes and trees

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Skilled Professionals with Integrity - Site grading and preparation require delicate methods to make sure everything goes smoothly and without incident. Our team is experienced and is composed of trained professionals. We abide by local regulations and rules that are in place wherever your project is located. We never cut corners or skimp on materials. We can handle all kinds of procedures for your location. It may be that your land will need various types of excavation services, and it will help to be dealing with one contractor who can do all the jobs that your property requires.

Comprehensive Service Offerings



This service is primarily needed by local government agencies, especially those that provide the essential utilities for the residents. Sanitation, roads, bridges for transportation, and drainage systems, are some of the necessities that people will not be happy to live without. 
We build lasting relationships with our clients and prove that we are trustworthy and excellent at what we do. Other utility services we provide are snow plowing, concrete repair, massive construction works, and earthwork.

Clearing and Grubbing
As mentioned earlier, one of the ways to prepare the land for any development is through the clearing of dirt and other things, which include shrubs, logs, and trees. Some of those who need this are farmers who own large tracts of land, which they plan to use as a farming ground, while others are looking to put structures on it. Whatever the intended use, excavation will get the land ready.

New home construction landscaping schematic blueprint
New landscaping outside of apartment building
Garden park landscaping and excavation construction project

Transform Your Property


There are cases when a particular structure either poses an occupational hazard to a community or becomes a mere eyesore because of its dilapidated condition. On the other hand, some buildings may be in reasonable condition, but the owners want to replace it with new construction. Either way, there is a need for excavation services involving the demolition of existing edifices. This procedure typically requires hydraulic machinery that will ensure the safety of the people around the location and the surrounding buildings.

Mass Excavation
Restoration efforts on most locations need mass transportation of blasted rocks, soil, or sand. This method may seem straightforward, but it requires delicate steps to execute. It also employs hydraulics equipment to do earthwork, tunneling, and trenching and may be utilized in all types of construction projects.

Site Grading
Out of all the processes involved in excavation, site grading is the most important in preparing land for any use since it works to flatten the soil and rocks. Moreover, site grading includes ensuring the structural integrity of the foundation for any building or edifice by modifying the slope and elevation of the land to make it even. It's not merely buildings that require such grading but even the construction of roads and rails as well as massive agricultural ventures.



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