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Patio Contractor NC

Backyard Multi Tiered Wood House

Have you ever wanted your very own terrace, patio, or backyard? Do you have space on your lot that you just do not know what to do with? Do you want to expand your property’s square footage without adding more walls? Do you have pets that need to run around or kids that want a place to play?


BlueOak has you covered. There are plenty of outdoor living space extensions that can help you turn that unused spot of land into the last piece of a complete personalized home. You might not have a full vision of what you want yet, but we have a design team that can help you with that. You might want to create a small fireplace. You might want to insert a small fountain outdoors or create a whole oasis-like relaxation hub. What is currently an underused space can be easily turned into a place for gathering with your loved ones if you work with us. We will create a beautiful exterior to match your beautiful house

When it comes to thinking about outside living spaces, you have to consider your environmental preferences. Do you plan on using your outdoor patio year-round? Are the North Carolina winters a little too cold for your liking? Do you want to avoid burning up during the summer and freezing during the winter? Is your place prone to heavy, direct sun? Since your outdoor spaces are not always protected by a roof, we aim to help you consider these possibilities and maximize the design. It could be as easy as a foldable awning, or as solid as a roofed patio. We can make it so that whatever the weather or season, you and your loved ones can enjoy that part of your home.

It's All About Value

We Go Above and Beyond

If you’re one of those who look ahead with their financial decisions, you might know that renovating your outdoor area is a great way to raise your home’s property value. Just remember that whatever home improvements you make on your home now will grow in value in the future! You might want to turn your backyard into an innovative outdoor kitchen. We can help you with all the plumbing and electrical concerns for that transformation! Another possibility is to invest in your outdoor furniture. Simple switching of furniture can make a dramatic change in the vibe of your outdoor area. It could be an arbor, a pergola, or even a whole gazebo that can make the outdoor space feel as homey as your indoors. These are simple and manageable changes that would do well to complement your living space.

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We can help you with the huge projects too! In the past, we've handled all types of transformations such as outdoor dining areas, backyard kitchens, and new patios. These will do amazing things for your property value. Enhancing your exterior spaces is a great bonus for every homeowner. You have total control over how unique and custom-made you want the space to be. We’re your way to achieving that custom outdoor area. So don’t wait and let’s start making your backyard into a place you will enjoy every day!

Project Communication is Key


When we approach a home renovation project, we understand that maintaining communication throughout the entire project is of utmost importance to ensure every aspect of your outdoor living project is covered. We find open communication helps both us and the homeowner seamlessly address any issues that may arise. We ensure that our clients are as much a part of the process as our team is, without the stress of it all.


All you need to do to begin this transformation journey is to contact us! We will start you off with an initial free consultation. We will use this meeting to lay out your plans, ideas, and overall vision for what you want to achieve. Our specialty crew is excellent in helping you through the whole process. This first consultation is key since we will be able to estimate the basic needs for your upcoming project. With a great first consultation follows a great and easy process. We will communicate with you through every part of the process and every detail, without placing any of the workloads on you. We will help you decide through everything from lighting to fixtures, to furniture and features that need to be customized based on your needs.

Custom Backyard Gazebo Stamped Concrete
Custom Pergola Backyard Patio.jpg
Concrete Paver Patio with Seating Arrang

Personalized Outdoor Spaces


We have remodeling contractors loaded with years of experience that can help you through every step of the way. From the beginning until the end, our crew will help you through our vast selection of styles, textures, materials, and options for anything else you may want to add to your backyard. Outdoor living spaces may seem challenging at first, but we will cover every base. We make sure the outdoor space is personalized, stylish, functional, and most importantly, durable. Not only do we believe that your backyard should feel like home; we believe it should be a home that will last and withstand the elements.


We ensure quality and style for your outdoor space. Our renovations are built to withstand the elements. All of this can, through us, be done on any budget, big or small. We are experienced in working with clients in all budget ranges. Rest assured we will work with your financial needs or limits.



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